Processing Section Leader

Department:               Manufacturing

Position Title:             Processing Section Leader

Reports to:                 Processing Supervisor

Purpose:                     Lead production activity in a section of the Processing Department

Hours:                         6:45am to 3:15pm with a 30 minute unpaid lunch

2:45pm to 11:15pm with a 30 minute unpaid lunch

10:45pm to 7:15am with a 30 minute unpaid lunch 


Essential functions with indication of % of performance time:

  1. Assist in the development of standards and provide recommendations for improvement of efficiency in each operation of department. (10%)
  2. Set up all equipment and fixturing required to run any job in the department. (35%)
  3. Make any machine adjustment required. (10%)
  4. Make daily assignments of department employees using production schedule. (5%)
  5. Provide on the job training and make quality checks for employees (10%)
  6. Review production performance of each employee; report to Supervisor (10%)
  7. Work with all employees to provide accurate accounting of production activity. (5%)
  8. Perform other related duties as assigned. (5%)
  9. Lead by example to build constructive relationships by taking the initiative to make things better. (10%)

Mental / Visual Requirement:

Part-time normal and part-time concentrated attention and coordination required using tools to set up and adjust machines properly. Ability to communicate to employees and Supervisor. Ability to read and understand machine manuals to determine proper set up and preventive maintenance.

Physical Demands:

Ability to lift and move baskets of parts and boxes of supplies to production employees using hand carts, pallet jack, and lift truck. Boxes of supplies may weigh up to 50 pounds. 

Education / Experience:

High school diploma or GED, and one-year experience in job requiring communication and interaction with employees. Should have experience in the use of personal computer. Must demonstrate a good business sense. 

Miscellaneous Job Requirements:  Provide basic tool set and have ability to obtain valid tow motor license.


Equal Opportunity Employer


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