UL® Certified Test Facility

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Since 1958, Allied Moulded Products, Inc. has continuously worked to test and retest many of the products they produce today, including products in both the residential and industrial markets. Through innovation and technology, Allied Moulded continues to produce quality products through the use of their UL approved test facility.

Below you will find common testing procedures and many of the procedures are still performed today. Strength, rigidity, and innovation in everything we make and do has made us who we are today. Continuous improvement with the help of many of the tests we perform, help our products stand out from the competition!

About the UL Testing Approval Procedure: 

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Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) partners with manufacturers to provide safe products to consumers through UL testing, certification and follow-up audits. UL’s Data Acceptance Program (DAP) provides a means for UL to accept externally generated test data in support of UL Mark certification. Product investigations by UL typically involve testing of product samples. While UL maintains extensive test facilities, customers can also utilize their own or third-party facilities for product testing via UL’s DAP.

Participating test facilities are required to have the appropriate physical resources, equipment and qualified personnel needed to conduct testing, equivalent to what would be used in UL’s own laboratories for the same testing. UL offers five different types of data acceptance programs. Allied Moulded Products, Inc. is certified through the Client Test Data Program (CTDP).

After a data acceptance program is established, UL will reassess a test laboratory annually. All data submitted is thoroughly reviewed and audited by UL before being used for certification.


Residential Testing Procedures Testing3

Allied Moulded Products performs a variety of tests on electrical products for the residential building industry.

Allied Moulded performs the following tests in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the CTDP: 

  • Flame test
  • Fan support test
  • Fixture support test at elevated temperature and ambient temperature
  • Deflection of box under rated load
  • Volume
  • Impact
  • Crush
  • Strength of knockoutsTesting 4
  • Water absorption

*Note: Not all tests performed are listed

Allied Moulded's Certified Test Standard

UL 514C - Standard for Nonmetallic Outlet Boxes, Flush-Device Boxes, and Covers

Fire, Sound and Energy Classifications

In addition to the testing performed right here in our own facility, Allied Moulded focuses on the development of electrical boxes in the form of fire, sound, and energy classifications. 2-hr fire ratings on fiberglass boxes, sound classification, and our vapor seal boxes set us apart from the competition!


Industrial Testing Procedures Testing2

Allied Moulded performs the following tests in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the CTDP:

  • UL 50: hinge strength, conduit pullout, conduit torque, conduit bending
  • UL 50E: submersion, misalignment, hosedown
  • UL 746C: crush, impact
  • CSA-C22.2 No. 14:  impact
  • CSA-C22.2 No. 94.1: crush, hinge strength, conduit pullout, conduit torque, conduit bending
  • CSA-C22.2 No. 94.2: submersion, misalignment, hosedown

 *Note: Not all tests performed are listed