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Lift Off Screw - Opaque Cover
Lift Off Screw - Clear Cover
Hinged Screw - Opaque Cover
Hinged Screw - Clear Cover
Metal Snap Latch Hinged - Opaque Cover
Metal Snap Latch Hinged - Clear Cover
Nonmetal Snap Latch Hinged - Opaque Cover
Nonmetal Snap Latch Hinged - Clear Cover
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POLYLINE - Allied Moulded's Newest line of polycarbonate enclosures JIC sizes

POLYLINE - family photo of polycarbonate enclosures

POLYLINE® comes standard with “industry exclusive” mounting options including an out of the box mounting flange or adjustable mounting feet to cover various mounting configurations. Featuring metallic or nonmetallic snap latches and molded-in latch keepers & mounting bosses, a tongue and groove seal design, POLYLINE® is the ultimate in polycarbonate enclosures. A clear polycarbonate cover option is also available for instrumentation applications where critical electronic equipment must be visible and protected from the elements.


  • Patented (US Pat. #7,572,975) “Industry exclusive” multi-mounting capability
    • Out-of-the-box flange design - factory installed
    • Optional foot mount brackets for multi-directional mounting
      • Capable of mounting vertically or horizontally
    • Mounting dimensions molded into the enclosure base
    • Durable polycarbonate feet/flanges resist cracking during wall mount assembly
    • Feet and flanges act as an enclosure pad on uneven surfaces without allowing it to be drawn down and binding
    • Feet and flange pads also allow air gap or barrier between the enclosure and a warm machine chassis or mounting wall to prevent over-heating 

    Flang mounted POLYLINE - polycarbonate enclosures

    Foot mounted POLYLINE - polycarbonate enclosures  


  • Cover/Base design
    • Flush, aesthetically pleasing and more modern architecture
    • Clear polycarbonate instrumentation cover where critical electronic equipment must be visible and protected from the elements
    • Solid/Opaque covers available as an additional option
POLYLINE - polycarbonate opaque cover enclosures    POLYLINE - polycarbonate clear cover enclosures
  • Molded hinge design with stainless steel tamper resistant hinge pin with no wall penetrations
  • Tongue and groove, closed cell neoprene seal design for NEMA Type 4X rating

POLYLINE - polycarbonate enclosure with molded hinges and tamper resistant pin    POLYLINE - polycarbonate enclosure with a tongue and groove closed cell neoprene gasket

  • Field-installable Hinged Front Panel (HFP) design

POLYLINE - Polycarbonate enclosure with hinged front panel installed

  • Adjustable corner panel mounts for supporting aluminum hinge front panels within the molded-in corner slots and providing either flush to box top positioning or adjusted 1.5" down into the box

POLYLINE - polycarbonate adjustable corner panel mounts

  • Metal or nonmetal snap latches mount on a molded-in boss and latch to molded-in keepers with no additional wall penetrations

POLYLINE - polycarbonate enclosure snap latch molded-in mounting boss

  • Molded-in back panel bosses with brass inserts and additional center bosses for mounting din rail using #10 sheet metal screws

POLYLINE - polycarbonate enclosure molded in din rail mounting bosses 

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