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Single gang fiberglass box with metal ears and wings for old work or remodel applications
14.0 cu. in.
Ears, Wing Brackets, Speed
"K" Klamp™
Shallow wall fiberglass box for residential construction - old work or remodel applications
16.0 cu. in.
Side Cube Box,
Ears, UL® Recognized

The electrician's choice for old work/manufactured housing applications, Allied Moulded old work boxes are constructed of durable, impact resistant fiberglass reinforced material. All metal ears and wings are molded into the box for a secure installation.

Attachment Codings:

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to locate the right switch boxes to meet your needs. Most Allied Moulded single gang old work/manufactured housing boxes are manufactured with these letter coded components. For example, wings may be ordered by adding the suffix "W" to the basic catalog number, i.e., 9331-EW.

Fiberglass wall box nail feature
"N" Nails are installed as fastening devices.
Fiberglass box metal ear feature
"E" Metal ears are securely molded into the box.
Fiberglass box metal snap bracket feature
"S" Snap Bracket pushes through opening in wall-board, then snaps out on the back side.


Fiberglass box metal wing feature for old work boxes
"W" When wing bracket screws are tightened, the box is drawn firmly against the wall.
Patented Speed K Klamps for fiberglass boxes
Nonmetallic Speed "K" Klamps™ are factory installed.
Optional metal C clamps for wire clamping
Catalog numbers with the suffix "C" indicate factory installed wire clamps.


Download installation instructions:

9331-EK, 9361-EK, 9363-EK and 9368-EK Installation Instructions

9331-EWK, 9363-EWK and 9368-EWK Installation Instructions

9305 and 9355 Installation Instructions


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