Vapor Seal Air-Sealed Electrical Boxes

HouseAllied Moulded offers a complete line of wall and ceiling boxes for use in energy efficient homes to aid in sealing up the exterior walls and ceilings per construction methods outlined in 402.4 of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. 

Allied Moulded's Vapor Seal line of products include:

  • Nail-on Wall Boxes
  • Fan Support Boxes
  • 3.5" and 4" Round Ceiling Boxes
  • New Work Ceiling Bar Mount Boxes
  • Single and Double Drywall Applications
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Vapor Seal Letters


Material and Labor Saving Features

(A) Patented (U.S. Patent #6,908,003 B2) flexible polyurethane flange available for sealing box to air/vapor barrier. Flange products “V” are for single drywall and “V2” are for double drywall applications

(B) Bright common nails fit securely in specially designed supports and are angled for easy installation

(C) Tapered and machine tapped device holes allow device screw to be started by hand and speed installation time with high torque screwdrivers

(D) Cubic inch capacity clearly marked and easy for contractor and inspector to locate and identify

(E) Proudly UL® listed

(F) Knockouts on fiberglass boxes are complete, reducing drafts and easily removed with wire for no-tool installation

(G) Leveling ribs position face of box parallel to wall surface

(H) 2-Hour Fire Rated clearly marked for easy inspector identification

(I) Nonmetallic Speed “K” Klamps™ dependably secure wire in box

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Residential Building Envelope – "Air Tightness"; IECC 2009

Residential Construction Changes – Department of Energy 30/30 Vision; The DOE set a goal to reduce building energy consumption by the 2012 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) cycle. Current code changes within IECC 2009 have made major improvements on the way to the ultimate goal of 30% more energy efficient building construction.

Many States Have Adopted IECC 2009 – More to come soon!

As of Dec 15, 2017 reports show that 40 states have adopted the IECC 2009 (or newer) and many more are expecting to adopt it soon.

Click Here to link to the residential states adoption map 
Note: Make sure to click on the residential adoption code map tab as there is also a commercial code adoption map as well.

Residential Building Envelope Tightness

One of the main components affecting residential construction changes is "Air Leakage" in the building envelope. The IECC 2009 mandates building envelopes to be:

  • Sealed with caulking materials or...
  • Closed with gasket systems
  • Joints and seems sealed or taped or covered with a moisture vapor-permeable wrapping material

Areas for Air Leakage/Infiltration in Residential Building Envelopes

One of the main areas being addressed is the electrical wiring box penetrations (switches and receptacles). Boxes must be properly insulated around and behind along with openings being sealed/caulked closed and must be sealed to drywall and any vapor barrier system.

2 Options to Demonstrate Compliance

  1. When tested, air leakage is <7 ACH with a blower door at pressure of 33.5 psf (50 pa) (Section 402.4.2.1 IECC2009)
  2. Field verification of construction methods per table (402.4.2 IECC 2009):
    • Component: Wiring
    • Criteria: Batt insulation is cut to fit around wires or sprayed/blown insulation extends behind wiring
    • Component: Electrical Box on Exterior Walls
    • Criteria: Air barrier extends behind boxes or "AIR SEALED-TYPE BOXES" are to be installed

Allied Moulded's Experience – "Air Sealed Electrical Box" Solution Provider

Allied Moulded developed a patented "Air Sealed Electrical Box" for this application in the Minnesota market in 2000 to meet the MN Energy Code Chapter 7670 adopted in 1994. These products have been manufactured, sold and installed successfully in this market while providing electricians, insulation contractors and drywall contractors a solution to comply with this "Air Tight" building envelope construction method.


Other fiberglassBOX™ Product Feature Topics:

Fire resisitive ratings


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